2008-12-16: Session Format for Stories

Here is a bit more information on how the session will be run on this Tuesday.

We will start with a quick overview of the INVEST model of user stories.

If anyone brought sample stories will be posted on the wall for people to review. If there are sufficient stories and people are interested they can critique these stories.

We will then split into two groups:

Group 1: Creating Stories
This will be a short workshop on creating stories that will have the following format:

  • The group will be presented with some high level business context and sample application for which they need to create stories
  • They will create a high-level backlog (epic stories)
  • An initial sprint backlog will be created
  • The group will then reflect on challenges and what they learned from this exercise and report back to group

Group 2: Challenges to Creating Stories
This group will brainstorm challenges to creating user stories and will discuss potential solutions to these problems.
Some examples would include:

  • Product owner not available
  • Starting point is a detailed requirements document

They report findings back to the group.

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