2008-12-16: User Story Session Notes

Sorry for the delay updating the blog. I had the best intentions to update the blog over the holidays but ran out of time.

The session started off with Declan providing an overview of user stories. Declan’s presentation can be viewed here Agile Stories. He also reviewed INVEST.

The following book was also recommended : User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development.

After the presentation we broke into two groups.

The first group had a workshop on creating user stories that was led by Declan. The group worked together to create user stories for the game of Tic Tac Toe. A user story takes the form: “As a <user-type> I want to a <goal> so that <reason>”.

The second group discussed the challenges of creating stories. A few ideas that arose during the discussion were:

  • Stories need to be independent – write stories in context of business drivers since technical stories often become dependent on each other
  • Stories that are technical in nature ( e.g. upgrade database) – create engineering stories and always tie the story back to an engineering requirement
  • Ensure that stories define what and why not how!
  • Scope Creep – ensure that done is defined, define a list of acceptance tests, define the “how to demo”
  • Prioritize stories from a business value perspective not from a technical perspective
  • Product management does not know what they want – ask the five whys
  • Ensure that the stories are testable – QA should work with the Product owner to help define user acceptance tests and also ensure that the stories are testable

After both sessions were complete, the two groups met and shared the ideas from their respective sessions.

The images below show the results of the night.

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