Challenges with Agile Stories

This post is the result of group notes on:

“How do we get from stories to effect story tests?”

1. Use a template for stories

As a <role> I want <feature>so that <benefit>.

2. Describe the feature and break down into logical groups or “stories”

3. Elaborate stories with concrete examples that become “acceptance tests”

Acceptance tests are:

  • not a substitute for unit tests
  • different from UI testing
  • focused on business rules

4. Tools for Test Automation

  • Fit/FitNesse
  • xBehave (e.g. nBehave, jBehave)
  • xUnit

Fit example:
Story: As a user, I want to see full names, so that the screens are easy to read.

Story Test: I enter the first name “Joe”, last name “Smith” and I then see the full name “Joe Smith”.

First Name Last Name Full Name?
Joe Smith Joe Smith

5. Differences Between Story Tests and Unit Tests

Unit Tests Story Tests System Tests
Execute code paths
Boundary conditions
Safety for later refactoring
End to end scenarios

6. Is is Worth the Effort?

  • Version control
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