Books on Agile Testing

Here are some good books on Agile Testing:

Agile Testing

A practical guide for testers and agile teams

Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory

This is a recent book and is a comprehensive and insightful view into all aspects of testing on agile teams. Highly recommended.
Bridging the Communication Gap

Specification by example and agile acceptance testing

Gojko Adzic

Gojko provides a solid treatment of using examples to drive specification, understanding and development of user stories. A focus is on agile acceptance testing through executable specifications of concrete examples.
xUnit Test Patterns

Refactoring test code

Gerard Meszaros

A thorough book covering everything you need to know about writing tests for the xUnit tools. Highly recommended for any developer using xUnit.
Fit for Developing Software

Framework for Integrated Tests

Rick Mugridge, Ward Cunningham

This book provides a great introduction and all you need to know to get up and going with Fit. Fit is a tool for writing “business facing” or acceptance tests.
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One Comment on “Books on Agile Testing”

  1. Ron Leisti Says:

    I’ve found “TDD By Example” (Beck) to be a very readable, short, useful and inspiring introduction not only to the practice of coding test-first, but also to the best ways of writing tests.

    I’d recommend anyone read that book first before delving into xUnit testing patterns (which is a more thorough library of testing do’s and don’t’s).

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