2009-05-19: Coding Dojo Results

Thanks to everyone that came out to the coding dojo; especially anyone who did some codin’!

It was the first time doing this for everyone and I thought we did rather well. We ended up with some pretty slick C# code for parsing Roman numerals:

using System;

namespace RomanNumeralsCodingDojo
  public class RomanNumerals
    public long Value { get; private set; }

    public RomanNumerals(string value)
      for (var i = 0; i < value.Length-1; i++)
        var charValue = Parse(value[i]);
        var nextCharValue = Parse(value[i+1]);

        if (charValue >= nextCharValue)
          Value += charValue;
          Value -= charValue;
      Value += Parse(value[value.Length-1]);

    private static int Parse(char romanCharacter)
      return (int) Enum.Parse(typeof (RomanCharacters),
                        new string(new [] {romanCharacter}));

    private enum RomanCharacters
      I = 1,
      V = 5,
      X = 10,
      L = 50,
      C = 100,
      D = 500,
      M = 1000,

You can download the C# solution with unit tests here.
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