12 Adoption Failure Modes – Barry Mullan, Rally Software

Barry Mullan, Technical Account Manager at Rally Software Development came up from Boston and presented the 12 Adoption Failure Modes at August’s meeting – thanks to Declan for arranging this session.

I wanted to mention that there are three items that I felt are important and remain with me…

1. The importance of how the ScrumMaster must be a “Servant Leader”.  And when a company is adopting Agile,  the right person for this role must be selected carefully and is not necessarily an existing Project Manager since this person may be accustomed to delivering projects in a “Command and Control” manner.

2. The importance of retrospectives for constant growth and improvement.

3. The importance of non-traditional roles working in a Lean environment so that both teams (development and outside of dev team) can collaborate efficiently.

And of course the information you are probably most interested in that Barry provided is below…

Original Recorded presentation by Jean Tabaka

Link to Barry’s pdf of slides

Jean Tabaka book ‘Collaboration Explained’ 

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One Comment on “12 Adoption Failure Modes – Barry Mullan, Rally Software”

  1. Connie August Says:

    One of the attitudes I’ve observed over the years is that any good should be able to multi-task. Developers, project managers, product managers, etc. are asked to focus on several things at once. At one point, I was advised to not discuss the option of focused effort since that was a “career limiting move”.

    It is an interesting dilemma:
    Multi-tasking over several large, monolithic projects.

    I am looking for various ways to overcome this attitude, but it can be a tough perception to change.

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