2009-09-15 Planning Session

In  this session we will kick-off our next year with a collaborative planning session. This is your opportunity to steer the P2P group in the direction that works best for you!

Tuesday September 15, 2009
4:30 to 6:00 pm
Accelerator Centre
295 Hagey Blvd., Waterloo

We’ll have 3 different group sessions, each with a facilitator.  Participants will select the group discussion of most interest to him/her. The groups will have open discussion and provide recommendations for the champions and Communitech staff to review and plan the coming year.  Further discussion may be necessary.


1. Monthly Sessions

We would like to plan the sessions for the upcoming year and to identify topics and potential speakers. The outcome of this group will be a draft agenda.

2. Community of Practice

Communitech is targeting some P2P groups to move up to the next level of learning by being accountable to other group members.  E.g. session discussion takes place and people take what they have learned use it in the work environment and come back and report to group members failures and/or successes”.  In this group discussion will be around if and who this may or may not work for.  What and what not, etc. etc. The outcome of this group will be a recommendation on whether to persue this and any insights or caveats that would help make this community of practice successful.

3. Building a Local Agile Community

Can we In this group, discussion will include what makes sense for this community.  Some ideas could include:

  • Agile Open Space Conference
  • brown bag lunch sessions
  • Coffee n’ Code sessions
  • an Agile/Lean speaker at Communitech Tech Leadership conference
  • an Agile/Lean speaker at Communitech CIO event
  • tools to help build a stronger community wiki, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Blog, etc. etc. and how do we utilize these tools more effectively.

The outcome of this group will recommendations on building a stronger Agile community beyond monthly P2P sessions.

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