2009-09-15 Planning Session Results

Thanks to everyone for participating in the planning session. We broke into three groups and brainstormed what we should do this year! The results were captured as a Mindjet mindmap and you can download PDF or Word(2007) or Word (97-2003) versions of the mindmap.

Stay tuned for next steps!

Agile.Lean P2P Planning Overview

Planning Overview

Building a Local Agile Community

Building a Local Agile Community

Community of Practice

Community of Practice

Monthly Sessions

Monthly Sessions

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2 Comments on “2009-09-15 Planning Session Results”

  1. Connie August Says:

    I tried to download the Word version and have not found the encoding that makes it readable. Can you confirm the link?

  2. dpwhelan Says:

    Connie, the document was saved as a Word 2007 version (.docx extension). I have added another link with a Word 97-2003 version that should work better for you. Let me know if that works!



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