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2009-12-15 Agile Customer Development

December 14, 2009

Jim Murphy
VP Development at PostRank
Tuesday December 15, 2009
4:30 to 6:00 pm
Accelerator Centre
295 Hagey Blvd., Waterloo

Jim lead a “Customer Development” discussion in this new-ish Silicon Valley trend for putting agile in the context of a startup.  Traditional agile relies on there being a product owner or “customer” that can provide certainty on the definition/prioritization of the backlog.  In a startup, that certainty doesn’t exist, so if it’s your job to maintain the backlog you’re in for a world of pain.  Customer development helps put the job of figuring out what should be built on the same footing as agile process that describes how something should be built.  Although this topic is particularly relevant for start-ups, exposure to customer development is really helpful for agile practitioners in any product development company, since almost no one has a cut-and-dried customer to serve as product owner.

Jim posted the presentation slides on slideshare.

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