Agile Coach Camp Canada: June 11-12 in Waterloo

Agile Coach Camp Canada

Agile Coach Camp Canada

The first ever Agile Coach Camp in Canada is being held at the University of Waterloo on June 11-12, 2010. Don’t miss your chance to join other Agile enthusiasts to share your experiences and learn in an open and relaxed setting. Check us out online at, eh!

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One Comment on “Agile Coach Camp Canada: June 11-12 in Waterloo”

  1. We are over 60% full for Agile Coach Camp Canada. If you want to attend this free event please register at !

    OpenSpace Facilitator
    We are thrilled to announce that Mark Kuzniki will be the OpenSpace facilitator for our camp.

    Keynote (now an Unkeynote!)
    There were some excellent discussions on the ‘wave’ about different formats and suggested speakers. The organizing committee has decided to take Gerry Kirk’s suggestion and arrange a session based on “creating an experience of Agile rather than sitting passively through a talk. Learn by doing.“. I have started a short survey to get feedback on some games/simulations we could run. Feel free to take the survey at: .

    We have arranged some lost cost accommodations within walking distance of the conference. The price is right at about $50 per night and we can all be together!

    Friday Night Dinner
    We have booked dinner on Friday night at the Heuther hotel. Looking forward to seeing you all there and sampling some of their beers that are brewed on premises!

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