Innovation Games -Spider Web, Speedboat, Product Tree Pruning

At last month’s Agile/Lean P2P session, participants were divided into 3 groups and each group selected the game of their choice (see link below in Ann-Marie’s notes).  Actually, from this exercise, one company left with a new idea for their company, so hopefully that worked out.

Also, I realized something during this exercise, who thinks of security, privacy, etc. when you are creatively thinking.  :)

One more note…everyone seemed fine with the regular monthly P2P sessions moving to the 4th Tuesday…which I kept misrepresenting at the session – if you were there, you know what I am talking about :)…

So the next session is on June 22nd and Jason Cheong-Kee-You will speak on Creating a Test-Infected Team.  More information to come.

Thank you Ann-Marie for writing up a summary for last month’s meeting

Luke Hohmann’s Innovation Games – play innovative games with one’s team – unleash one’s creativity!

Game: Prune the product tree
Product: Smartphone
Approach: Started listing all features we want from a Smart phone (divergent) and then shaped the product tree (converge). Devised major areas e.g. data, applications, foundation for shaping the tree.
What did we learn?: Learned to balance the tree – highlights if you need infrastructure support to support the tree/product.  The trunk provided focus for the product. The leaves were non critical features that could be deferred or dropped. 

Game: Spider web
Product: GPS tracking and dispatching
Approach: The product owner lets the team creativity flow and do not provide much input
What did we learn?: Broadens scope of the product – customers who use at same time, what else do they use the product – links and leverage.  Helps you uncover new uses for your product and new markets. 

Game: Speedboat
Approach:  what weighs down give you direction on what to fix/address in the product.
What did we learn?: Pointless game without an actual real product owner.


Should pick a product owner ahead of time.
Pick an actual product owner.
Invite people from outside your team.
Had Fun – work don’t have to be hard.
Facilitator should not be a participant but rather check in with the teams to see how the games are being played.

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    i want to play game

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