2010-06-22 Creating a Test-Infected Team

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Topic: Creating a Test-Infected Team
Session Leader: Jason Cheong-Kee-You
Tuesday June 22, 2010
4:30 to 6:00 pm
Creative Options
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Testing is one of the most essential programming practices. It is necessary to create sustainable software. If that’s true, why do software development teams often fail to adopt testing? Why do teams that write tests sometimes find them more costly than beneficial? I will share my personal stories of where testing has gone wrong. I’ll also explain how to successfully transition a team to testing.

Speaker Bio:
Jason Cheong-Kee-You is an Agile Coach in Toronto. Since 1997, he’s spent ten thousand hours figuring out how to create sustainable software. He now apply that knowledge to create high performance teams. He is deeply passionate about creating sustainable software through tests.

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