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Last week was the Huether Patio for casual conversation

July 26, 2010

Hi All,

Well guess what…last week, the Agile/Lean Peer 2 Peer group met at the Huether for casual conversation, however there was very few people that came out…and I wondered where are the 14 RSVP’s….hmmm…. The next day, third day back from vacation, I was going through notes I had made before leaving on vacation to prepare for upcoming P2Ps and realized that the Agile session was meant to take place next week…oh oh…well I say no harm no foul…

Lesson learned:  When you are on vacation you should stay away from work unless absolutely necessary

…in my case there was a reason I did not send the notice before leaving, but I did not know that reason, and panic set in when I thought I forgot a task….so to make a long story short, the meeting took place last week and there is no session on Tuesday, July 27th.  If you show up at the Huether, you will either be alone, or with others who have not yet read my message.

So what did happen at the patio session last week, a couple of members provided some links to share…Agile TO Community Events – including the Agile Tour is coming up Oct 20th.  And lightning talks are currently being posted on the Agile Coach Camp website with 5 uploaded so far and more to come  Plus, did you know one of our member’s spouses has a comic strip online

Now, I want to reassure you that my work brain is back, so there should not be a problem remembering that meetings are now on the 4th Tuesday of every month, the 4th Tuesday of every month, the 4th Tuesday of every month…I read somewhere that if you repeat something a number of times, the message is embedded in your brain…let see if it works.

And for the final part of my message…There is no meeting in August, so the next one is September 28th (the 4th Tuesday) at 4:30 pm with Gino Marckx – Agile Practice Lead @ Thoughtcorp. 

Again if you have any links or events that would interest the Agile/Lean P2P group, feel free to send to me or Declan to post on the blog.

Enjoy the summer days (or daze) and see you in the fall!


Slide Deck from Creating a Test-Infected Team session

July 22, 2010

Hi All,

I was on vacation for the last couple of weeks and did not get a chance to post June’s slides on Creating a Test-Infected Team.

Jason Cheong-Kee-You, Agile Coach from Toronto, graced us with his knowlegeable presence at June’s session.  Jason tells us “Testing is a necessary practice for creating sustainable software”.  The slides are only a reminder of what Jason talked about, however, the last two slides, include his recommended reading list.  Thanks Jason for taking the trip to Waterloo and sharing your experience with our group.  Very much appreciated!

Also, I thought I would add InfoQ as a very good resource on all things Agile.  There are a number of articles, presentations, interviews, etc. etc. on everything software development.

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