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Thank You for making The Waterloo Agile Lean Coding Dojo a success!

June 7, 2011

Thank you to all who attended the Waterloo Agile Lean Coding Dojo on Saturday May 28th, 2011!

Many thanks to our kind and generous sponsors, OpenText Inc, Desire2Learn Inc, Typemock, Target Process, Blue Coat Systems and Karos Health for supporting and making this valuable event possible!

Special thank you to Alistair McKinnell and Jason Cheong-Kee-You for making the trip from Toronto to facilitate the Coding Dojo!

Congratulations to Anna Lear and Caroline Simpson, winners of the Typemock Isolator licenses.

Memories from The Waterloo Agile Lean Coding Dojo can be found          

In the morning, coders pair programmed the Fizz Buzz and Roman Numerals III to 3 katas; and in the afternoon they had the opportunity to solve a coding problem on paper and refactor a coding problem leveraging from test ping pong.

From the retrospectives, the coders gained value from the pair programming rotation, reflecting on the work and the sharing discussion with the group about what one coded.  The variety of having a half day on practicing green field katas and the other half of the day on reading code on paper & refactoring code was appreciated.

Key lessons learned

  1. Identify code smell vs. identify what one want to change
  2. Reviewed Bob Martin’s Transformation premise – changing the highest priority transformation in the code

Attendee testimonials

“I gained a much deeper appreciation of the “generalization <–> specialization” concept that succinctly explains the power of object-oriented design approaches over procedural ones. I was amazed how Alistair was able to combine the power of intentional programming, OO concepts, TDD, and Eclipse shortcuts to rapidly produce extremely high quality code – I am inspired to improve my craft. The conversations were rich and I had a blast!”

“From attending the Coding Dojo I gained a sense of confidence.  I have read about the practice of Test Driven Development and various techniques for safely refactoring legacy code, but previously had little practical, hands on experience using these practices.   At the Coding Dojo I was able to practice these skills in a safe, friendly environment with like-minded individuals.  I now feel more confident to go forward and apply these techniques and skills while performing my role as a software developer.  I hope that there will be future events like this where I, and others, can continue to learn new and refine existing development skills.”

“Coding Dojo was a great opportunity for sharing and hearing about best practices to improve the efficiency of coding.”

More testimony located on blog

It was recommended that it would be of value to have a Refactoring Dojo where one starts finding code smells of code on paper and then in the code!

Thanks to the sponsors, facilitators, attendees and The Stone Crock catering for making the Waterloo Agile Lean Coding Dojo a great success!

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