Lean-Kanban University-accredited Kanban Training in the Waterloo Region

Valueinnova LLC (link: http://www.valueinnova.com/) is offering Lean-Kanban University-accredited Kanban training in the Waterloo Region during the week of June 11-15.

The objective of the two-day training Kanban course is a thorough introduction to David J. Anderson’s Kanban method.  The participants will learn the lean principles and concepts at the foundation of Kanban. They will be able to design kanban systems for their contexts and use Kanban to improve capabilities of their organizations.

The instructor of this course will be Dr. Masa K. Maeda, the owner and principal consultant of Valueinnova LLC, based in San Jose, California, USA.  He is one of the pioneers of Kanban in the software industry, an associate of the Kanban inventor David J. Anderson, and the translator the Spanish edition of David’s foundational book “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change For Your Technology Business.” Dr. Maeda has taught this Kanban course many times on four continents and his consulting firm, ValueInnova, is one of the charter members of the Lean-Kanban University.

Lean-Kanban University (LKU) is a place dedicated to providing high-quality learning resources and training in Lean and Kanban.  In the five years since 2007, when the software Kanban method was first documented, its popularity has spread and the need for quality standards in training has emerged. The LKU was founded by a group of Kanban pioneers and stepped up to become the governing body setting such standards. The LKU has just announced its accreditation scheme (which differs in a number of ways from the Scrum Alliance certifications). This course would be one of the first in Canada offered with this accreditation and certainly the first one in the Waterloo region.

Every course participant will receive a copy of instructor’s materials and a copy of ”http://www.amazon.com/Kanban-Successful-Evolutionary-Technology-Business/dp/0984521402/” David J. Anderson’s book, “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change For Your Technology Business.”

Valueinnova LLC is also offering its two-day Lean-Agile Project Management course.  It’s tailored to project managers and organization leaders and presents a broader landscape of lean and agile principles and practices.

The schedule for these courses is still flexible.  If you or your organization are interested in the Kanban course or the Lean-Agile PM course, please tell us what dates are the best for you!  We’re offering our two-day classes for $1,100, which is less than the current price of two-day CSM training. Early-bird and group discounts (for groups of 5 or more) are available.  If you are interested or have any questions about these training courses, please contact Alexei Zheglov (alexzheglov at yahoo dot com)

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2 Comments on “Lean-Kanban University-accredited Kanban Training in the Waterloo Region”

  1. I prefer learning Kanban online with Kanban Library http://bit.ly/L7cQTs

  2. Richard Says:

    I gonna wait till Lean-Kanban-University comes to Europe. Do you think is possible? Currently, I’m studying articles, presentations and case studies published on the Website http://www.kanbanuniversity.com/.

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