Waterloo Agile Lean June P2P

What? : LSSC (Lean Systems Society Conference)
LSSC (Lean Systems Society Conference) is an annual major international conference, generating cutting-edge ideas in methods, processes and organization of software and systems engineering and knowledge work in general. Smaller than Agile20xx in terms of attendance, LSSC combines a concentrated talk program with many self-organized events and is an intense learning experience. If you’re into Agile or interested in improving agility of your technology organization or building a successful technology business, this conference is an event you should pay attention to. The 2012 conference just took place in Boston on May 13-16 (the program is available athttp://lssc12.leanssc.org/program/). Alex was fortunate to attend it and would like to share the experience with you.
In this talk, Alex will bring the audience up to date on:
– what LSS is, the breadth of disciplines it covers, and its two major sub-organizations: the Lean-Kanban University and the Limited WIP Society.
– impressions from the keynotes by Steven Spear (a five-time Shingo Prize winner), Greg Howell and Yochai Benkler.
– the Brickell Key award (the main prize in lean software and systems engineering) and the accomplishments of this year’s winners and nominees (nomination is actually a big prize in itself). This year was the first time one of the nominees was Canadian – can you name him?
– highlights from the conference’s main stage, which featured talks by, among others, David J. Anderson, Michael Kennedy, Mary Poppendieck and Don Reinertsen
– highlights from the open-space Lean Camp and conference tracks: Learning Organizations (Steve Denning, Jeff Anderson), Kanban, Risk Management and Systems Engineering.
When?: Tuesday June 26th, 2012 from 4:30p.m. to 6:00p.m.
Where?: The Communitech Hub 151 Charles Street West, Suite 100, Kitchener, ON (Matrix & Atlas Rooms)
Who?: Alexei Zheglov, Senior Software Developer at Desire2Learn
Register: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?llr=auyxwfdab&oeidk=a07e60y01qj513ec847&oseq=a00bg47hypmi
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