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Agile Lean Feb P2P – Down the Agile rabbit hole? Everything I learned about deploying Agile on a large scale

February 17, 2013

What?: Down the Agile rabbit hole? Everything I learned about deploying Agile on a large scale

 Why is it so hard for people to adopt Agile and make lasting change in our large companies? The primary obstacle is that Agile changes the dynamics of how we run our initiatives. It requires people to look beyond their current notions and imagine a different eco-system with new rules and behaviours. It is about changing those rules that have provided a false sense of security in the past and adopting new ones that seem to come right out of Alice in Wonderland. 

In this case study, Jean-Francois will share his experience, approach and lessons learned in deploying Agile at RBC – Royal Bank of Canada (3000+ software development shop). You will gain valuable insight into team dynamics, business engagement, executive support and much more. Find out all about the unexpected resistance and partnership challenges that we faced but also the incredible support that Agile received from our Executives, supporting governance groups and project teams.

 When? Tuesday 26th February, 2013 from 4:30p.m. to 6:00p.m.

Where? Communitech Hub, 151 Charles Street West, Atlas/Matrix Room, Kitchener, Ontario

Who? Jean-Francois Gingras

 Jean-Francois Gingras is a champion for change in the Information Technology space. He has over 20 years of software development, infrastructure and process development experience in the financial industry, including 15 years in Program and Project Management. He created and headed the Agile Centre Of Excellence at RBC leading the cultural transformation of suitable initiatives. He now works for the Co-operators, as the director of the IT Service Management practices, leading yet another transformation.

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 Note: **NEW** The maximum number of hours to park in the Tannery visitor parking lot is 2 hours (this is the front lot where the entrance is off of Charles Street – parking attendants man lot until 6 pm so Agile/Lean P2P participants will be fine for parking time). 

 If the visitor parking lot is full, there is alternative parking – Most street parking is 2 hours, but please be sure to read city parking signage for maximum time. Also, lot 3, 6, and 16 (refer to Parking map link) are pay lots for public parking. Parking Map link 

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