Agile Lean April 23rd P2P – Learn Story Mapping through Exercises

What? Learn Story Mapping through exercises

Story Mapping is a tool to help us see the big picture from a user’s point of view. User Stories freed the Agile community from heavy weight requirements documents, but in the process sometimes we lose sight of the big picture. Story Mapping is a tool that helps see the bigger picture of our products from the point of view of the end user.

Story Mapping provides another view of the product backlog and can potentially replace it.

In this session participants will collaborate to build the backlog for the “Worlds Smallest Online Bookstore”: “ caters to the view that Amazon is wrong, an infinite supply of books is too much. Readers don’t want an infinite supply just right choice for their next book. They don’t want to spend hours agonizing, instead they want to spend that time reading.”

When? Tuesday April 23rd, 2013 from 4:30p.m. to 6:00p.m.

Where? Communitech Hub, 151 Charles Street West, Atlas & Matrix Rooms, Kitchener, ON

Who? Mark Levison

Mark has over twenty years experience in the IT industry, working as a Developer, Manager, Technical Lead, Architect and Consultant. After ten years of working on and managing waterfall projects he discovered Agile in 2001. Working in a small company he introduced Agile methods one practice at a time. As an employee of Cognos, from 2006 – 2009, he introduced Scrum to the business and coached a number of teams. As part of that process he designed a Test Driven Development adoption strategy and introduced of a number of practices to support it. Mark has introduced Scrum, Lean and other Agile methods to a number of organizations including: Export Development Canada, Industry Canada, a leading payroll and HR services company, Invision Inc – A leading ad planning provider for the media industry and a leading Job Search site. He coaches from Executive level to the individual developer and tester.

Mark is an Agile Editor at InfoQ and has written dozens of articles on Agile topics and publishes a blog – Notes from a Tool User. Mark’s training benefits from his study and writing on the neuroscience of learning: Learning Best Approaches for Your Brain. To learn more about Mark visit Agile Pain Relief Consulting.

Updated materials are located:

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