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Waterloo Agile Lean June 25th P2P – Re-Estimating the Value of Estimates in Agile Software Delivery

June 10, 2013

What?: Re-Estimating the Value of Estimates in Agile Software Delivery

Allow me to pose a simple, hypothetical question to you:

“If you discovered that estimates bring no value to your software development projects, would you eliminate them?”

Despite the advantages that we’ve gained shortening software development cycle time from years to months to weeks, many software teams and organizations still devote a significant amount of time, effort and money to creating, revising and maintaining a veritable mountain of “invisible deliverables” in the form of estimates with questionable ROI. 

What if software could be delivered without this activity? Is it possible? How could it be done?

In this session prepare to have your cognitive biases challenged as we explore the emerging and controversial “No Estimates” approach to software development from theory to practical application and how it may be the next evolution in agile software delivery practices.

When?: Tueday June 25th, 2013 from 4:30p.m. to 6:00p.m. EST

Where?: Communitech Hub, 151 Charles St West, (Atlas & Matrix Rooms), Kitchener, Ontario

Who?: Chris Chapman

Chris Chapman is the Owner and Chief Consultant behind Derailleur Consulting, Inc., a small Toronto, Canada based agile practices consultancy dedicated to helping software teams and organizations re-align the work they do and how they do it using lightweight process frameworks such as Scrum.

A veteran software developer and services consultant, Chris has been studying and applying agile practices and techniques for his employers and customers for over a decade, including Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) Canada (2008-2010), prior to entering private practice in the spring of 2010 and founding Derailleur Consulting in 2011. During this time he has worked with dozens of developers and organizations, helping them learn how to successfully change their approach to solution delivery and ROI recovery.

 Chris is both an experienced agile software developer and process coach, focused primarily in the Microsoft .NET stack and attendant technologies such as C#, SharePoint and SQL Server. He is versed in agile-enabling software craftsmanship practices such as Test Driven Development (NUnit), Refactoring, Object-Oriented Design Patterns, Mock

Objects, shared code ownership repositories (TFS, Subversion), continuous integration suites (TFS, Team City), and static and dynamic code analysis.

Chris obtained his first Scrum Master certification in 2006 (Certified Scrum Master), and later renewed and re-assessed his skills in 2010 with a Professional Scrum Master I certification and a Professional Scrum Product Owner I certification in 2011 both under the tutelage of Scrum co-creator, Ken Schwaber.

In addition, Chris is an active participant in the extended professional agile community through his blog and events such as Agile 2008 where he delivered a session on Who’s Teaching Best Practices: An Analysis of Canadian Computer Science and Software Engineering Curriculums, Agile Tour Toronto 2012 where he spoke on Teaching Smart People to Learn using Dialogue Mapping, and most recently Agile Open Toronto 2013 where he facilitated a session on delivering quality software without estimates.

 Chris lives in Toronto, Ontario Canada with his wife Jennifer and son Reagan. He’s an avid runner, outdoorsman, frustrated fisherman, aspiring amateur chef and XBox junkie.  You can learn more about Chris and Derailleur Consulting at , contacting him directly via or on Twitter via @DerailleurAgile.

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